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Amy Schumer Boyfriend: Ben Hanisch, Bio and Facts


Who is Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend?

Ben Hanisch is the current boyfriend of the American actress and comedian Amy Schumer. Ben is a photographer and furniture designer by profession. The couple met via dating app bonded instantly. Such is their love that Amy considers their romance as her first relationship.

Personal Information on Amy Schumer’s beau Ben Hanisch

Date of birth: August 14, 1986

Zodiac: Leo

Age: 30 years (as of 2017)

Residence: Chicago

Profession: Photographer, Furniture Designer

Social Media:Instagram

Professional Websitehttp://www.thelastworkshop.us

Interesting Facts about Amy’s suitor Ben Hanisch

He is talented in his works

Amy has got herself a bag of talent in her boyfriend. He takes stunningly marvelous photographs and also his furniture designing skills also catch the eye. He showcases his talents in his Instragram account.

Below is an example of his breathtaking photography.

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Somewhere in West Village today

A post shared by ben hanisch (@benhanisch) on

Knack for sports

Jokingly saying, it seems like Amy Schumer may hate sports but her boyfriend certainly does not mind. He has listed ice hockey and snowboarding among his interests on LinkedIn and also posted his photo from his past on a full Ice Hockey Kit.

Supposedly, he also loves flying as evident from his Instagram post.

A modest Furniture Seller

Amy Schumer’s darling husband is a businessman too. On his website The Last Workshop, he sells, according to himself “simple, functional, well-made products at honest prices”.

His love for Chicago

Ben lives in Chicago and has made no secret of his love for the city. He constantly shares the photos of his hometown on Social media. He lives in a backyard carriage house unit in the Wicker Park area.

How did Amy Schumer meet her boyfriend?

Despite the well circulated speculations that Amy Schumer met her boyfriend on the dating app Bumble, Schumer denied the claims and stated that she met Hanisch at a different dating app.

She reveals her first meeting with her boyfriend in her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

 “In my main profile picture, I was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap with no makeup. It was a selfie and I made a gross face, looking as though I were dying, because I was hiking, so I was. I also put up a picture of Sophia from ‘The Golden Girls,’ Claire Danes making her cry face on ‘Homeland,’ and one more normal photo where I was smiling and wearing a sweatshirt,” Schumer wrote. “Vanessa and I posted our profiles at the same time and scream-giggled like little girls.”

After browsing through the app and clicking the “like” button on a few profiles, she landed on the profile of Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer based on the North Side who would later be her boyfriend.

Though Amy has kept the app a secret, judging by her descriptions, she seems to be talking about the dating app Raya.

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