Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev: Who Is The Lucky Man Married To The Gymnastic Queen?

Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev

Who is Aliya Mustafina’s Husband?

Aliya Mustafina has tied her knot to Alexei Zaitsev. Aliya Fargatovna Mustafina, known as Aliya Mustafina in short, is a Russian artistic gymnast. She is one of the most decorated gymnasts of Russian Federation.

In 2012, she won four medals in Rio Olympics and she was the most decorated athlete in general excluding swimming. In 2016, she defended her title, in the process, becoming the first female gymnast since Svetlana Khorkina to defend her title on an apparatus final.

Personal Information about Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev

Full Name: Alexei Zaitsev

Birth Date: September 17, 1994

Age: 22 years

Birthplace: Krasnodar, Russia

Birth Sign: Virgo

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Bobsleigh Racer

Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev and Friends

Short Bio of Alexei Zaitsev

Alexei Zaitsev is a bobsleigh racer and the husband of Olympic gold winner gymnast Aliya Mustafina. Not much is known about Alexei Zaitsev besides the fact that he is a Russian bobsleigh racer.

Interesting Facts about Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev

1. Alexei dated Aliya Mustafina for a year.

Alexei Zaitsev and Aliya Mustafina officially started dating each other in the fall of 2015 and dated approximately a year before deciding to say vows in the wedding aisle.

2. The couple got married in his hometown.

Alexei Zaitsev and Aliya Mustafina got married in his hometown at Krasnodar, Russia on 2016. It is a city and the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai, located on the Kuban River, approximately 150 kilometers northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk.

3. He is a hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Zaitsev is a hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and has been competing in both the two-man and four-man events, internationally.

4. He earnestly supports Aliya.

Both being an athlete, Zaitsev greatly supports the career of Aliya Mustafina.

Aliya Mustafina

How did Alexei Zaitsev and Aliya Mustafina meet?

It took an injury to both Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev to find each other. They met in 2015, while they were both being treated for injuries at a Moscow hospital. Who knew injuries brought good luck and the love of life!!!

Who did Aliya Mustafina Husband Alexei Zaitsev date in the past?

Alexei Zaitsev’s dating history before Aliya Mustafina is a subject of mystery as there is no information whatsoever about his exes in the internet world.