Alex Jones Ex Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols: 5 Facts About The Conspiracy Theorist’s Former Wife

Alex Jones Former Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Alex Jones Former Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Alex Jones’ Ex Wife?

Animal rights activist Kelly Rebecca Nichols is America’s leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ ex-wife. Considered as the “most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America”, Jones was profoundly influenced by journalist Gary Allen in his teenage days.

This American radio host released his first film ‘America Destroyed by Design’ in 1998. He is the operator of websites like, He was married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols but somehow it turned into an unsuccessful marriage in 2015. It was very terrible to be separated after having three children together. Unfortunately, Kelly could not have custody of her children. They are now living with their father in Austin.

Personal Information about Alex Jones Ex Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Birth name: Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Birth date: July 2, 1968

Birthplace: Travis County, Texas, United States

Age: 49 years

Nationality: American

Children: 3

Occupation: Activist
Alex Jones and Former Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Alex Jones and Former Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols (Source: Fitzpatrick Informer)

Short Bio of Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born in Travis County, Texas in 1968. She was one of the children of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman. James Edmund Nichols and Jill Elizabeth Nichols are her siblings. Her family is Jewish.

Kelly is an animal rights activist working on a lot of projects with the animal rights organization PETA. She moved to Norfolk, Virginia to work for the organization as the head of Media and Public Relations Department. Married to Alex Jones, she helped him a lot in expanding his business and gaining publicity.

5 Interesting Facts about Alex Jones’ Ex Wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols

1. Four Seasons Hotel incident

In 1996, she raised controversy after throwing a dead raccoon onto Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s dinner plate while she was having dinner at Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. The incident went on to become one of the famous incidents in the history of the hotel later on.

Alex Jones at a Protest Rally in Dallas
Alex Jones at a Protest Rally in Dallas (Source: Wikipedia)

2. Tofu Creme Pie on the face

She made paparazzi follow her while she threw a Tofu Creme Pie to fashion designer Oscar de la Renta’s face while he was in a department store for a promotional event at Dallas, Texas.

3. Monthly alimony of $43,000

Kelly receives $43000 per month as an alimony from Alex while she owes his firm about $200,000 in legal costs for their work in the custody trial.

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4. Battle for Children’s custody

Jones’ family doctor Alissa Sherry revealed that Alex was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder as he released his fury and yelled at his daughter during a time she broke her foot due to a shoe that she was wearing. Kelly and her attorneys are trying to portray Alex Jones as a bad influence on the children. Kelly can visit her children but with many limitations. However, Alex is firm in his ground that he was merely playing a character in Infowars, as a performance artist.

5. Emotionally unstable

Alex’s attorney claimed that Kelly is emotionally unstable and is unfit to be a good mother. She could have had a good time with her children rather than being unstable whereas Kelly’s mental counselor in favor of her claimed that Alex was emotionally, mentally and sexually abusive to her.

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How did Alex Jones and Kelly Rebecca Nichols meet?

Alex and Kelly met around 1999. She was then working as an activist in PETA and he was the host of ‘The Alex Jones Show’. Then they soon started to collaborate on different projects and got married a year after they met. They now have three children. Rex, their son had helped his father in his website,

Life after Divorce

On December 18th, 2013, the married couple filed for divorce and began the arrangement proceedings for their settlements. The divorce was finalized in March 2015. Jones was required to pay $3.1 Million.


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